Your Path, Your People, Your Profit Workshop

Your Path, Your People, Your Profit

 December 5th, 2013


BrandapaloozaIs This You?


When it’s time to introduce yourself and boldly talk about what you do, do you want to hide?

The really frustrating part is that you know deep down that you are meant to be doing this work, starting this business, or expanding your reach. You can feel it, that using your gifts will make a difference for others.

Maybe you have been dreaming of starting a business, putting up that About Me page, or being able to introduce yourself in a way that gets people excited about what you’re up to.  Maybe you have even enrolled in various courses to learn how you should go about it all.

Yet when people ask you what you do, you stumble. Or sound rehearsed. Or are met with blank stares. You feel icky. And you want to crawl under the nearest table, chalking it up as one more sign that you aren’t going to make it.

Or maybe, you get through the encounter somehow, then kick yourself all the way back to your office, feeling like you are blocked by some invisible wall and it will never happen for you. You have so much to give, but no one is getting it.

Well, what if it doesn’t have to be that way?

(Hint: It doesn’t.)

I truly believe that you are the perfect person, in the perfect place,

on the perfect path to do amazing things and get paid to do them.

According to all the experts – including my personal heroes Seth Godin and Judi Ketteler — we are living in a “story-based” economy. With all the bits of information and images flying at us all day, consumers desperately want to feel human—and to connect with other humans. One of the easiest ways to do this is by story, creating a memorable picture of words that relates your unique value, knowledge, skills and gifts in a way that makes you memorable and, yes, profitable!

It’s My Story and They’re Sticking to It!

Join me at the beautiful Posh Coworking Lounge on December 5th from 9 AM- 3 PM for a one-day class that will really help you own that story and share it in way that is memorable, profitable and repeatable. And…fun. Did I mention fun??

What: A deep dive into your story and answer the questions that all successful business owners have to answer. Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it? Does it work?

We will work on crafting your story, owning all the achievements and shining moments and the dips, doo-doo, and do-overs that add up to just the right combination of victory and vulnerability for a memorable story. We will run it through the client translation filter to make sure that it connects you with your clients with just the right language.

We’ll also find 5 great ways for you to share your story. Actually, there are at least 20 ways, but give me a break, it is just one day.

Bonus: A bowl of soup, yes….One of the things that sets me apart from other coaches, is that I am an award winning cook! So, I will be serving my grilled vegetable gumbo. For years, I have made soup for my life-coaching group intensives, Soup and Success and Soup Sisters, and you can enjoy this today. You are welcome to bring a healthy food to share, water and coffee will be provided.

My son & I Cooking at Williams Sonoma

Who should join me:

This workshop is perfect for both new and existing business owners who need to:

  • Get the words together for that awesome about me page, your intro for your next speaking gig, yep, did you know that someone should always introduce you? We will cover that whole “know, like and trust dynamic” of your story.
  • Get unstuck from your current story, or biz situation.
  • Gain more confidence about what to say so that your clients know that they need to make a purchase.
  • Be ready to speak at the drop of a hat about the unique difference you make.
  • Recognize the common language that you and your “tribe” share.
  • Recognize the big “why” you do what you do and “why” your customers need you.

What you will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of your unique combination of knowledge, skills, experiences and gifts that make you irreplaceable and profitable.
  • A personal branding workbook that I have developed over many years of working with private clients, large and small companies. That is totally for you, filled with info about you and can be used over and over again to create the storybook ending you want.


Your story is priceless, but the class is only $299.00.

Better yet, the early bird price is $199.00. You gotta love that!

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Why me:
Your story is safe with me. People have been sharing their deep, true and priceless stories with me since I was 12 years old and before, according to my family. I love nothing more than helping people see and understand what makes them valuable, and I’ll do everything in my power to make you feel supported so you can share and be seen. (P.S. This will be a no judgment zone. I don’t believe that you have to share everything, but I do believe that you have to be vulnerable. The key is mastery, and we will cover that, too.)

Why do you need to tell your story?
Imagine walking into a room of people and sharing openly and excitedly about what you do and why you do it. It not only feels great, it magnetizes just the right people to you. People are hungry to hear you story! But perhaps the person who will benefit the most is you – you start making sense to yourself when you know who you are, what you have to offer, and how you got to this point. I want that experience for you.

Does it work?

Yes, it works for me and many of my clients because when your marketing is based on your ultimate truth, you will attract people who truly want to work with you and pay you! Many times I have people walk up to me at a conference or close a call with me, by saying “I know that I want to work with you, jut tell me how much it is.”  Not only do these clients pay me, but they are so much fun to work with, no pulling, and no pushing, just soaring to the next level of their business together! Cool, right?


What other biz owners have said about working with me:

Megha, Coach and Owner of Megha Success said:

“She’s got a loving, yet matter- of fact way to show you what you need to work on and giving you tangible references to keep it anchored in your life. As a coach, she kicks butt with fuzzy slippers on. . Immediate change in attitude and perspective. I always have ‘monkey or horse’ in the back of my head.”

Nadjejda Chapoteau, Professional Excellence Coach and Founder and CEO of  Light of Haiti:
“I would tell anyone considering working with DeAnne that she is great to work with. She is full of energy and always asks the right and sometimes tough questions to really get you to the root of things and for you to gain courage, confidence, and make decisions and take actions that are true to who you are. I learned a lot about myself by working with DeAnne and I found my voice.”

Brandy Rainey-Amstel, Founder and CEO of Living Powerfully, Owner of Amstel Enterprises, LLC and Director/Producer at Strapped Entertainment:

“I would recommend it (working with DeAnne on their story) to women that are just starting out in business. (If) They haven’t gotten clear on what they want to do, how to do it, or where to get started.  I think that DeAnne is very personable and great to work with to help formulate your next business idea. People are almost always enrolled in my projects after spending an hour or so hearing all of the aspects.  The problem is that most people don’t have an hour plus to spend with me to find out really what I’m up to.  I needed to get this down to a 60-90 seconds version or at least a 3-5 minute version.  DeAnne worked with me asking questions about my “why “that would lead to building trust with a person quickly.”

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