The Night Before My Birthday

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It is the night before my birthday and all the through the house,
Not a computer was stirring, just my little mouse.
You see I work for myself and my schedule I make,
So, I can be with my kids the day off I did take.
All the articles, billing and payments had been done,
And I had looked over the year which had been such fun.
I started with getting my mom all settled for the big Eight O,
Then off create great changes for my clients you know.
I coached and spoke and prayed over many and much,
To see them successful, settled, promoted and such.
Their dreams they did bring me with a tear or a grin,
Overwhelmed, excited and afraid to begin.
We set goals, took actions and when needed we fussed,
One decided to write a book proposal or bust,
Another changed jobs, another re-launched a business with glee,
By fulfilling his income multiplied by three.
Clients spoke at conferences, they started new degree plans,
Some got married, others sold products to new fans.
So, as I look at the year and get ready for a new part,
You must know that I mean this from the bottom of my heart…
“I do what I love, I love what I do……..”
So my question as a coach is, “Do you?”
If the answer was, “NO.”
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