For Love and/or Money

This post is my answer to a question I get frequently as a career coach.”Is it true that you should do what you love, and the money will follow?”

Now, more than ever, there is an ability to make what you love to do into a profit-making venture. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. First, it is wise to find out why you love your passion. For example, maybe you love to take photos outdoors because you love being alone and deciding what picture to take gives you a sense of freedom. That is great, but if you were taking photos 5 days a week and the content has to be accepted or edited by a paying client, would that still feel like freedom? If the answer is no, then possibly this is better left as an avocation, or hobby. If the answer is yes, and you still feel that photography means freedom, then it is time to check the career out further. Am I saying you should abandon your life, family and responsibilities to pursue a dream career? No, no one should shrug off his or her responsibilities without a plan. I recommend either researching it on your own or obtaining some guided career exploration with a career coach or career counselor. If you decide that being an independent business owner is your dream, there are plenty of small business support groups, incubators and business coaches available to help you hone your skills to make it a reality.

If a career passion is really calling out to you and you discover you have an entrepreneurial spirit, the Internet may become your greatest business tool. Through the Internet, people are working globally from their home offices with the ability to build profitable niches focused on just about any passion. One example that comes to mind is Rachel Z. Cornell at www.pronagger.com. After finding out that her mother had a very aggressive form of cancer, Rachel totally changed her own life. Seeing her mother’s illness as a sign, Rachel decided to face the many obstacles that had sidelined her from completing a degree in the arts, including being legally blind. In doing so, she learned the steps to achieve her daunting goals and the strength to keep her motivated to reach the dream of a degree. With this newfound knowledge, direction and the Internet, she established Pro Nagger. Now, Rachel helps people achieve everything from writing a dissertation to getting their office organized through her online programs, tools and one-on-one coaching. Yes, Rachel reaches people all over the world and encourages them to get their own lives together in big and small ways, incredible!

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