Resume Workshop

Dear Job Seeker, Career Changer or Corporate Climber,

Most people struggle to get their resume together, but have no fear, help is here!

You see, I have supported people in creating over 3,000 winning resumes over the last 15+ years, and I am ready to help you create a resume that represents your best knowledge, skills and experience so that you get the traction and opportunities you deserve.

So, is this you?

  1. Sitting down to write out this long story in some kind of perfect grammatical form seems daunting, grueling, or all of the above. After all, I didn’t major in English, and I might get it wrong. So, I am doomed even before I start.
  2. It seems so limiting to try to get all my professional life on one page. After all, I am more than that, and what if I get pigeon holed or worse yet, overlooked.
  3. What if I don’t like what I see? It seems kind of depressing to put some things on the resume, especially those things that didn’t really fit my true skills, where I wanted to go and especially that time my job ended abruptly. What if it gives a bad impression when it is all on paper?
  4. I don’t want to start writing my resume because I am not sure where I want to go with my next move. Although, that may seem like a separate problem, getting your work history together is a pretty great start in any move you make.


The only time you need a resume is if
you are out of a job, right? Not really.


Reasons why you want to have an updated resume:

  • The most common reason to put together a resume is to prepare for an eminent change, like if the company is closes or the job goes away.
  • To apply for a certificate, graduate program, professional affiliation, or approval of some other governing body like obtaining a city approved contract…
  • To shop for your own opportunities, although, a one page marketing plan is a better tool to run a job search from in a focused and targeted manner. Still the resume comes first.
  • For confidence, many people who work with me on resumes use it to reconnect with the impact they have, the difference they make and how they spend those many hours at work. After all, we spend more time at work than anywhere else. What does all that time amount to?


Get real about 3 Truths!!!!

If that sounds like something that is rolling around in your head, then you have to get real about these 3 Truths when it comes to resumes.

  1. If you need a resume, you need a really good one, notice I didn’t say “perfect”.  So, take that monkey off your back and join us.
  2. No one wants to write a resume, well except me, but I am kind of weird that way ☺
  3. No one, absolutely no one, wants to read a bad resume, especially if it goes on and on and on…..


I will answer these three questions:

  • How long should your resume be? 1 Page, 2 Pages…3?
  • How long does the average person look at your resume?
  • What should be on your resume, and what should not, never, in no way ever be on it?


This is what you will get:

I will personally walk you through writing a great resume.
You will receive a Resume Guide with samples of resumes that are relevant and up to date with skill lists, verbs and phrases that make this process really easy.
You will also receive a ton of support.
What will you need to make the most out of this class?
Have a copy of your resume handy, if you have one. If you don’t have a resume, no sweat, this is a great place to begin.
A pen, paper, laptop or tablet – however you like to roll.
A sense of humor, ‘cause we are going to laugh.

What you should know:

I don’t write the resume for you. Nope, you should always write your own resume.
If you simply can’t do the writing or need someone to proof read it, I can help you connect with the professional editor that I use.
We will laugh a lot. If we don’t laugh by 6 PM, we will open a bottle of wine and then we will laugh. ☺

How to attend:

Sunday, October 26th at 4 PM Central. This workshop will be in South Austin, and the address will be provided in your confirmation email.

How much is it?

Well, this is a pay what you can workshop, yep, you heard me….Pay what you can workshop…..You can pay as little as $30 to attend this workshop by purchasing the guide. That reserves your spot, yep….

To purchase the guide and reserve your spot in the workshop,


Register Now!


What other people say about working with me as their coach:

It feels like my life has a direction now, I just had to wait long enough for the rightDeAnne Pearson time and circumstances to come along for it to reveal itself.  Thank you so much for helping me tune into my goals and desires for my career back when I was feeling so lost; I know that the work we did then helped a lot in leading me to where I am now.
Amanda Z.

She asked me to think positively about what I’d like to see in my next professional move & to identify new avenues where I could use my skills & education.
Charla W.

I was recommended to DeAnne by a friend, and decided that at this moment in my life….I was ready to make a commitment, both to meaningful work and to myself – all the more so because I knew anything I committed to would have to be worth being away from my kids. So we worked on assessing my work history, digging into my story, my wants, needs, strengths and desires…As I entered into the interview process, I was able to quickly – with her help – sift through what situations would work for me, and which would not.
Melissa W.

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