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Do you need a quick briefing before an Informational or Behavioral Interview but want better information than a Google search will give you? Maybe you prefer to work by yourself and just need a starting point and guidance along the way. Then, these downloadable guides are for you!

I’ve created these guides for someone who wants to work by themselves on just a segment or two of the job search process without the 1-on-1 interaction of coaching. These guides will give you a head-start on applicants when you go into an interview completely prepared and knowing what to expect.

Resume Guide

The Resume Guide gives you a fool-proof source for creating a resume from scratch or updating your rusty, old one. This is way better than just a resume example though; the guide breaks down each section of the resume with thorough lists of powerful content.

The guide gives you:

  • A dynamic resume example that will answer all of your questions
  • An enormous verb and skills list that will fill your resume with content
  • Energizing phrases to put your resume together in a snap


Behavioral Interviewing Guide

This guide navigates you through the process of Behavioral Interviewing so that anyone can go into a behavioral interview prepared and ready to answer behavioral questions with the best, proven method.

The guide includes:

  • A background and introduction to Behavioral Interviewing to understand why they are used in the interview process
  • The key characteristics hiring managers are looking for in job applicants
  • The proven method for preparing for a Behavioral Interview, along with full examples
  • FAQs
  • Practice Questions to fully prepare and kick butt at any Behavioral Interview



Informational Interviewing Guide

I didn’t invent this method for expanding your network, making informed decisions and creating positive career buzz, but I used it many years ago to change my own career and life. So, it with great confidence that I offer this to you as a way to organize your search, career change or career re-entry.

This guide provides:

  • Scripts for scheduling an Informational Interview
  • Questions to ask during the interview
  • Instructions on how to follow-up with your network

How cool is that?

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