I Hate Waffling!

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My family loves waffles, but I hate waffling!


You know that type of decision making in which you flip back and forth like the yummy breakfast pastry! This how it goes: you make a decision like, “This is my year, and I am going to get that degree, tell my boss what I really think or ask for that raise”. Then, you rethink it, change your mind, get worried about the risk, how will it look and you back down, the momentum fizzles out and you never get started. You waffle!

Everyone does it! Have you made a decision, and then decided it needed more thought, gotten into planning mode, instead of commitment and action mode. You created a so-so, kind of gray message or took wishy-washy action and combined it with some lukewarm effort. What came back to you? Was it gray lukewarm, wishy-washy results? You waffled, showed up gray in a world that has enough gray areas. When it comes to having a vision, a goal and getting into action there is no room to waffle. That is why I hate waffling and why I love what I do.

You see, as a coach I get to help people be their best selves, dream their biggest dreams, then I support them as they make those dreams come true, even when they want to waffle.

Have you waffled lately?

So why do people waffle?

Why can’t smart people get what they want out of life every single time when they have such great ideas?

When you have an idea, especially a new and innovative idea, your brain doesn’t know quite what to do with it. The newness of the idea feels and seems foreign to your brain, which likes things complete and concise. We even call these new ideas “half-baked”. So right away there is a need to shush that thought, take off the rough edges so logic jumps in and says, “Wait! Put the brakes on, this one needs a little more time in the skillet”. There are times when you need to do just that. Typically, some decisions take a second thought, like who to marry, is the swimming pool deep enough for diving? But, not all new decisions are that life changing or life threatening.

Here are three coaching techniques, free to help you beat the Waffling:
1. Trust your gut. Your first inclination is probably your truest decision, the one that is most in line with your life happiness. We often don’t let ourselves have the quiet moments to feel that intuition.

2. Don’t leave it up to luck. Take an action, big or small. I learned many years ago from my own coach that an action is the best antidote for stress.

3. Flip to the Facts. When fear rises up and seems larger than any possibility of getting what you want, it often has a much bigger “emotional shadow” than the actual results would be… So, taking time to get real about the facts by listing what you really know in the situation can be really freeing.

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