Get Clear VIP Day

Get Clear VIP Day:

Meet Your Clear and Successful Self

Take an intensive look at your career and life today, what makes you YOU, and create a new definition of success, the way you see it. This powerful process will get you “unstuck” and empower you to re-design your career around who you really are, rather than who you feel you’re “supposed to” be.

Discover your new definition of success

  • Value and validate yourself
  • Harness the power to pursue a life that is happy and satisfying
  • Learn to recognize and work with the doubts and fears that have stopped you before
  • Find a touchstone to keep you focused and to take concrete and meaningful actions towards your goal
  • Transform your life and career as it fits this new definition of success.

Get Clear Mini-VIP Day Includes:

  • Comprehensive Personality Assessment (if desired)
  • A 90 Minute Private Coaching session with DeAnne (by phone or in-person, if possible)
  • Customized Homework: set clear goals and objectives
  • Email support for 1 month
  • Three  45-minute Phone Coaching follow-up Sessions one to two weeks later
  • Possibility of on-going support, if desired

Cost: $750 (Payment options are available.)

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You are never more brilliant, more beautiful, or stronger, than when you are fulfilling your own unique destiny. It is the only way to live honestly and the only true gift you can give the world. dp

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