Embrace Mistakes $5 Friday Class

Embrace Mistakes $5 Friday Class

One of the things I love most to coach people through is also one of the things that I find the most challenging in my own life. You see, we waste a lot of time, energy and spirit avoiding, covering-up, blaming others and just spinning our wheels when it comes to mistakes and obstacles. Yep, I know I do it, do you? That is why I want to share a call with you, because a fantastic coach and amazing teacher got me started on this journey to be a coach years ago and this is where we first started.

Just last week I heard myself tell a client, “There are no failures, just Research and Development,” and we both laughed. I love the subject of overcoming mistakes and obstacles so much, that I want to offer it to you at a price that is not a mistake. Yes, I am doing a Five Dollar Friday class, “Five Reasons to Celebrate Mistakes” with a worksheet and time to work through your own mindset about mistakes so that you can move powerfully forward.

Time: Noon Central

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5 Reasons to Celebrate Mistakes (Obstacles)

  1. Mistakes get our attention, give us a starting point for change.
  2. Permitting mistakes allows us to take risks.
  3. Noticing mistakes show our commitment to quality, to making our life work.
  4. We can use mistakes to practice. Look through the lens of your values.
  5. Mistakes make powerful teachers. Help us learn new value, new behaviors.

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