Get Your Career out of the Toilet!

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People come to me every day feeling stuck and powerless, without the job they love. Every single time, I find that they are living a LIE. The TRUTH is you are trapped in your own thinking and indecision. I call this type of thinking "TOILET BOWL THINKING" because it can make your mind feel like it is spinning and spinning. It is draining and leads to crappy results...(Pun intended). Here is how it starts...Take note if this sounds familiar. You are not happy in your current career and you have an idea, a vision … Read more »

My Dad’s Crappy Career Advice

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My dad, God love him, was stubborn, loud, often inappropriately fun and he loved attention. Yes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree on this one. I loved that man, but he gave me the crappiest career advice ever...yep, he did. I came to my dad before my first year of college and told him that I had great career plans. I was super good at math, designing things and helping people. I could be a clothing designer or architect. My dad said, "Oh no, clothing design is brutally competitive and would take you too far … Read more »

Are You Letting Your Career Go Down the Blame Drain?

December 18, 2012 by     0 Comments

Are you waiting for the economy to improve? Guess what? It is time to let that one go! You can blame the economy if you want, but what a waste of breath. Think about it, the economy is for the most part out of your control. Yep, out of your control! One person, not even the President or Congress can turn the economy around in a matter of months or even a 4 year term, from puny to prosperous....Am I right?  So, are you going to wait for that? Let go of blaming the economy!! My guess is that it was just something to … Read more »

I Don’t Believe in Confidence

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Okay, I don't believe in CONFIDENCE. Yep, you heard it right, I don't believe in CONFIDENCE. If you have been on my website, you already know that to some degree because I am a little more blunt about my views on CONFIDENCE at www.DeliberateCareers.com. It is not that I don't believe that it exists, but I don't believe it is reliable, that you can count on it. 1. You can FAKE confidence. 2. You can SHAKE confidence. After all, you can fake CONFIDENCE. We have all seen people who fake it, right? You know, that … Read more »

Take this Job and Shove It! The Reason Why I Left the Corporate World

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People often give me grief and ask me why I left the corporate world and big organizations to start my own business. From my perspective, I find it all rather amusing in that there remains a culture in the U.S. that these big organizations will take care of you and that they are the only powerful bodies in our economic future...Therefore, we should be thankful, loyal and always return to the "MOTHER SHIP". I disagree. Should everyone quit their jobs and start a business? NO. But, what would it be like if everyone … Read more »

For Love and/or Money

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This post is my answer to a question I get frequently as a career coach.”Is it true that you should do what you love, and the money will follow?” Now, more than ever, there is an ability to make what you love to do into a profit-making venture. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. First, it is wise to find out why you love your passion. For example, maybe you love to take photos outdoors because you love being alone and deciding what picture to take gives you a sense of freedom. That is great, … Read more »

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