Networking is Like Gumbo

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I love to cook as much as I love to coach. I have read more cookbooks in my life than any other type of book and will take every opportunity to hang in the kitchen with chefs of all stripes, including the wonderfully inspiring Leah Chase of Dooky Chase in New Orleans (that’s her in the picture). Sometimes my two worlds collide, like when I led a marketing workshop for a group of solo-practice lawyers. We covered many things, including how to reach their clients through networking. As soon as I uttered the word … Read more »

Freckles, Love and All

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I have always had freckles. Truly, I have so many freckles you couldn’t count them all if you had two entire days! I even have one on the bottom of my left big toe! To say that I hated them as a kid would be a huge understatement. In school, kids constantly told me I would be pretty if it weren’t for all those spots. Or I was asked, “What happened to you, do those hurt?” To make matters worse, school pictures came around every year after I had spent the summer outside, piling on more freckles. So, I began to … Read more »

Are You Leading Your Life Or Are You Failing to Launch?

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I'll admit it: I’m a chick flick fan. One of my favorite movies is Failure to Launch. It is funny and bittersweet—my favorite combo and it has more than a couple of stars from my beloved Lone Star state. But what really makes me love it is that it delivers some great lessons with a lot of love. (If you haven’t seen it and are a fan of ‘girly’ movies, definitely add it to your list!) In the movie, Matthew McConaughey’s character is living at home with his parents. Well into his 30's, he is way past his expiration … Read more »

Small Plane, Big Lessons: A True Story

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As a kid, I was in a car accident. In true Texas fashion, my brother, sister and I were all piled in the cab of my Dad’s truck, headed to the department store where my Mom worked to visit her on her break. All I remember is tires screeching, metal crunching, and all of us being thrown over to the driver’s side as we skidded off into a ditch. We only had some minor bumps and bruises, but as a result, I was terrified of learning to drive. I was almost eighteen when my older brother and sister took it upon … Read more »

Where There Is Poop…

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Here is a story I heard several times from our pastor, Brother T. (I grew up in North Texas which is part of the Bible Belt. Brother T. played quite a big role in my young life!) "Once upon a time there were two children. Each were given a golden key and asked to make a wish. Then, they were led down a hallway and told to choose a door that led to what they believed would grant their wish. When the children opened their doors, they discovered that each room was filled six feet high with crap. The first child … Read more »

Perfection is Overrated, Take it From an Ogre

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As I am writing this today, I have a sick kid at home. Which means it’s not exactly a perfect workday. But it has provided the perfect opportunity to talk about an ogre I and a lot of people meet everyday – perfectionism. Normally, my daughter is way too old and entirely too cool to watch kid movies, but today she wants something animated, some chicken noodle soup, and her momma nearby. She chose Shrek. Since I find it hard to resist the story of the green ogre, the donkey and a red-headed princess, I watched … Read more »

What Happened on the Way to Waco

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Years ago, driving across Texas from my hometown of Rusk to Austin, I planned to have lunch with my sister, who lives in Waco. Along the way, I got completely turned around and found myself in a small town called Mart. I was lost, late and feeling frustrated when I stopped at a gas station to call my sister (this was way before cellphones and GPS). Now, I belong to a family so big my husband refers to it as the “the herd.” And like a good herd, we stick together. I knew my sister would be supportive. But I also … Read more »

10 Things to Do When Nothing Works

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The promotion goes south. Someone else walks away with the contract you worked hard for. The project is canned AFTER you put in long hours. We all have those moments when what we want is just NOT working the way we planned.  That’s the time to shake it off and shake it up. Here are 10 things I ask my clients to try: Take a break. A walk, a trip to an art museum or lunch with a friend can breathe new life into your long workweek, give you something to smile about despite that rejection or give you a fresh … Read more »

I Hate Waffling!

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My family loves waffles, but I hate waffling! What?! You know that type of decision making in which you flip back and forth like the yummy breakfast pastry! This how it goes: you make a decision like, "This is my year, and I am going to get that degree, tell my boss what I really think or ask for that raise". Then, you rethink it, change your mind, get worried about the risk, how will it look and you back down, the momentum fizzles out and you never get started. You waffle! Everyone does it! Have you made … Read more »

Celebrating Mistakes

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As a career coach, I spend a lot of time helping people with their "mistakes". There are so many people that feel they have made a professional "mistake", or have been given obstacles or problems that simply can't be surmounted on what should be the straight and simple path to success. Realistically, there are lots of things that get in the way of that straight path to career bliss. Many people have detours, speed bumps, rocky climbs, or "long periods in the desert" as one of my clients coined, during their … Read more »

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