7 Weeks to Savvier Sales Conversations

7 Weeks to Savvier Sales Conversations

Okay, you spent all this time honing your professional craft, the classes, the hours, and the study and now…crickets.

Do you want to get your work out there, change lives, and get, I don’t know, PAID?!

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But, how do you do that? How do you offer your work to the people who need it and not feel salesy or slimy, or worse yet – just without giving it all away and feeling really yucky? There must be a way, right?

You might even be doubting yourself, thinking maybe this isn’t for me. I made a mistake, I must not be good at this at all.

Nope, I believe that if you can do what you do with heart and integrity, you can sell. 

If you are the smart motivated professional who craves more success and more clients, you are just missing some key ingredients, and I want to help you.

This is what I am offering.

7 Weeks to Savvier Sales Conversations

The program includes:

A sales model that you can follow every time to build your sales muscles and strengthen your confidence in yourself and your ability to connect with the people that need you.

An introduction to my Margarita Sales Funnel, so that you can structure your interactions and introductions with care and results. I call this “fun with funnels”. You can call it what you want, but you won’t forget it! 

Help to push through the typical sales objections with heart and strategy.

Discover how your own limiting beliefs and focus may be in the way and how to quiet that noise that stops you.

The program includes 7 group calls filled with content and a time to ask questions, practice techniques and work through your roadblocks.

Two private coaching sessions with me to explore the process and your personal success strategy.  

Discover your potential, own your power to connect, and make more money. Open doors that you have never imagined before.

All this and more in my 7 Weeks to Savvier Sales Conversations Program.

Eliminate the sales struggle and begin having savvier sales conversations now.

The price is just $99 for Early Birds and the program starts on 

March 4th, 2019 at Noon Central.  Not available at that time of day, no worries, these calls will be recorded.

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7 Weeks to Savvier Sales Conversations

Not sure if this program is right for you?  Looking for another date or time?  Let’s schedule a call.

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What are other people saying about Savvier Sales?

“DeAnne is so funny and warm. But don’t be fooled by her charm and wit, her coaching skills are superior! She has a practical, creative approach, knowledge and a talent for coaching you in the way you need. I recently took her course for savvy sales and had a coaching session on how to close sales. It was very insightful and I walked away with concrete ideas and processes to increase my closing rate. Thank you, DeAnne!” Alice Mar (Evans) Rocher, HR Consultant, Coach, Founder of Mea Crescendo

“I’m taking a Savvy Sales in Coaching course from DeAnne and am learning how to better sell my coaching services. The weekly accountability and connection with others who are in a similar space, along with DeAnne’s wisdom and practical knowledge are giving me more confidence in my newest career quest. Regular practice and integration of DeAnne’s exercises will result in greater reach and impact for everyone who puts in the time. DeAnne also advised me with an event booth strategy that helped set me up for success in my coaching business with my first live event. Her practical, strategic and creative guidance was invaluable to easing my anxiety and preparing me to “show up” as the professional that can best help the largest number of clients. Thanks, DeAnne!”     Grace Gravestock, Transformational Coach, Consultant, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Founder of Silver Lining Coaching

” DeAnne is exactly what you would expect from reading and listening to her posts on LinkedIn. She is truly authentic and this makes working with her effortless. She helped me most with my confidence. That feeling like I don’t know something is gone. I didn’t give myself enough credit. I know what is possible. It is up to me to determine what is right for me and when to act. Thanks, DeAnne!” Laura Di Tomasso, ACC, MBA, High Potential Talent Coach & Consultant at www.lauraditomasso.com

Who is DeAnne Pearson?

DeAnne Pearson, M. Ed., A.C.C., has more than fifteen years of coaching and consulting experience in the areas of career, business, and personal fulfillment. Utilizing her Master of Arts degree in Psychology, a coaching certificate from the International Coaching Federation, along with her successful professional experiences, she has helped thousands of people one-on-one in defining their vision of professional success and in fulfilling that vision. When DeAnne is not working with her private clients, she enjoys writing and consulting with major companies and organizations like Citibank, eBay, Microsoft, Williams & Sonoma, The Black MBA, and IEEE. As the owner of Deliberate Careers, LLC, DeAnne Pearson utilizes her signature programs, Get REAL and EDGE, to help organizations hire better and empower their employees to foster their unique strengths, brilliance, and purpose taking them from working by default to achieving and living deliberately and fulfilled.

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